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Effective & affordable pest control services for both residential and commercial customers in North Coast


Inspection of your domestic, commercial or industrial premises to find out the type of pest infestation. Choosing the most effective & fastest treatment.


Fast & effective treatment from the first visit. Let us eliminate every last insect & rodent present at your premises. Same-day, emergency & out of hours treatments are available.


Stay pest & rodent-free by taking advantage of our popular & cost-effective management package where we schedule follow-up sessions and offer prevention advice.

Cockroach Control

Ant Control

Termite Control

Rodent Control

Flea Control

Fly Control

Bed Bugs Control

Weed Control

ADI Disinfectants

And Many More

Fast, efficient and safe pest control and pest management, our team are guaranteed to provide a high-quality service that will solve an infestation issue. We’re proud to have a friendly team of extermination experts consistently providing the best removal solutions and exceptional customer service.

Choose to protect your home, work environment and health by signing up for our fixed-price pest control contract or book a series of regular inspections today. Contact us on 082 848 6946 to schedule an appointment!

What We Offer:

  • Industry-Leading Guarantee with every job

  • The highest quality and most technologically advanced products used to deliver proven results

  • PCFSA (Pest Control Federation of South Africa) registered

  • Certified technicians with years of experience

  • Safe and approved pest control solutions

  • Flexible bookings, emergency and out-of-hours services available

  • Discreet visits can be arranged

Pre-construction Termite Pest Control Treatment

Pre-construction Preventative Application

Did you know that inadequate pre-construction soil and foundation treatment can potentially devalue a property? Preventative treatment refers to the application of pesticides to the soil, concrete slabs and foundations of any building to prevent termite infestation. It is crucial that this treatment is completed by trained professionals, to ensure the application is correct and the property is protected. This is especially important along the coast and other high-risk areas.

5 years guarantee
Post-construction Pest Control Treatment

Post-construction Pest Control

Post-construction pest control treatment is extremely important in the final stages of a building project or for any existing structure. As subterranean termites are considered to be one of the most destructive pest insects in the world, our services are essential in keeping any property protected. Our team will drill holes into the foundations/solid floors and inject chemicals using a high-pressure professional applicator to terminate any existing colonies and prevent future infestation.

5 years guarantee
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